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About Us and Core Philosophy

About the Tschirhart logo and its symbolism

Inspired by the Eye of Horus
 we have decided to bring this ancient symbol into the modern to express our deepest values. This ancient symbol made up of six elements, ½ smell+1/4 sight+1/8 thought+1/16 hearing +1/32 taste+1/64 touch,=63/64ths and is 1/64th less than a whole.

As well, six in scriptural numerology represents imperfection “less than whole”.

We have as our goal “perfection” and have chosen seven elements, the number which scripturally represents perfection. We do not view this as arrogant, as some may but simply as a symbol to inspire our “Insatiable Appetite for Excellence”. The seven values and symbols we have chosen are as follows.

Tschirhart - in 1982 we chose the T with a heart,, as a symbol to represent our name Tschirhart and our  love for family values. We believe by putting our family name on our product that clients are insured that we are putting our pride of family into every product and service that we would venture into. We felt it essential to tie our past with our present as we move forward bring these values into the future.

Heart - as part of our previous logo and as stated above we have brought this symbol of our past into the future. Thus we use a very abstract, contemporary heart shape. It represents a love for family, a love for quality and a love for customer’s satisfaction as we move into the future.

Eye - this is the eye of the creator; Once forged together it is hard to separate the various qualities from each other and thus it is the bringing together all of these qualities into “the eye” that really adds profound depth and incite.  It is the things we see, that bring us delight and pleasure. This can leave us and others in awe and wonderment. As a creator of fine things it is the eye, both the physical and abstract, that helps us see individual elements and how they can fit together to create something new. It is this that adds dimension to life of great breath and depth. Ultimately you are the creator, we the master craftsmen.

Beauty - “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, thus it is our privilege to design products to satisfy the eye of each individual.

Insatiable - The love for life is insatiable. It is hard to satisfy that yearning desire to enjoy our loves, to satisfy our desire to achieve the best we can do. Personally we have an “Insatiable appetite for Excellence”.

Appetite - to hunger, to desire, can motivate us to achieve. We have an appetite for quality and unique personalized design. Let us satisfy your appetite.

Excellence - at the outset, we mentioned that six is the symbol of imperfection and seven a number for perfection. We realize that in our present state, reality is, we are in an imperfect world. Perfection though unattainable in this world inspires us to move forward. The things we build will in time fall apart as has the Egyptian dynasties and as their pyramids do. Excellence, though, is attainable even now. Excellence is creating the best designs, using the best materials. Excellence is doing the best with what you have to work with.

When we put our logo on a product it is backed by strong family values of past, present and moving them forward to the future.  When we combine our qualities and skills with the beauty you see, together we can create and produce beautiful products that inspire love for life. With an unsatisfying appetite to do the best, we put our “Insatiable Appetite for Excellence” to work for you.



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